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If E-Cigarette Flavors are only created to attract the youth, what does that say about Flavored Alcohol?

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You hear it over and over again, every day, there is something new to be said from the media about E-Cigarettes. The list goes on and on about why they should be banned and deemed illegal.  Tonight, I want to focus on the aspect of flavoring.  A little about me, before I found myself in the industry of vaping, my occupation was a bartender.  I have been a bartender for about three years and there is one thing I have noticed, other than very depressing people telling depressing stories, and that is, the increase of flavored alcohol. 

When I started tending bar, sure there was blueberry Stoli, and the occasional vanilla Svedka, but even in the short time that I have spent behind the bar, I have noticed the increase of alcohol with all sorts of flavorings.  Pinnacle seems to be the most expansive, from fruits to desserts, that brand has expanded to almost any flavor you could think of.  From Swedish Fish (known to Pinnacle as Gummy, with a picture of a Swedish Fish on the bottle) to their latest flavor, Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll, their list of flavored vodka does not disappoint.  They seem to be targeting every flavor that appeals to anyone and everyone.  

Let's shift our focus back to vaping, how many delicious E-Liquids out there, include Swedish Fish and/or some sort of Cinnamon Roll?  Almost any E-Liquid manufacture includes these two essential flavors in their line up. But yet, the vaping industry takes all the heat, we are the ones who are targeting the youth.  (Both to kids, teenagers and everyone else under 18)  How come the alcohol industry is never mentioned in these reports that using delicious flavors, attracts the youth? 

“They are adding all these interesting flavors and they are pandering to people who are nonsmokers or more specifically kids,” said Dr. Richard Bell, a Berks County pulmonologist and a member of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. “I’m not sure an adult would be attracted to a bubblegum flavor cigarette.”

Bell echoes widely held concerns in the public health community that Big Tobacco is increasingly marketing the electronic devices to minors — using many of the same promotional techniques it used to hook generations to cigarettes — with television and magazine ads, sports sponsorships and cartoon characters.

"You're telling me we can have things flavored bubble gum, because it will lure kids?" - Keith Kepler

“Whether e-cigarettes can safely help people quit smoking is also unknown, but with their fruit and candy flavors, they have a clear potential to entice new smokers,"

Speaking on myself, I was under the prime age of 18, just nine years ago.  I remember that time in my life very vividly. I spent Mondays thru Fridays wilding out, balanced with hitting the books, flirting, and working on my future.  But there was one thing that was certain, after that last bell rang on Friday, I spent every hour trying to score alcohol, playing Mister-Mister.  Ask any teenager what they would rather score, alcohol or tobacco, and I am sure the answer would be unanimous. These kids want to be drunk.  Always have and always will be.  

So back to my point.  While the E-Cigarette industry keeps being bombarded by the media and the government that the flavors they include in their E-Juice, targets the youth, I want you to think about this article as a balance of misjudgement. How could these lawmakers care about the youth in this instance, but not even bat an eyelash when it comes to the alcohol industry?  How could they strike their pen, to sign a petition, on the E-Juice industry, but give a pass to the alcohol industry for making their products with the same flavoring?   Not once have I heard a call for action on Vodka, making flavors that entice the youth, but every day I am bombarded with the media forcing the thought that E-Cigs are targeting the youth with their flavors and their advertising.  If you do not believe me, just check your local media outlet, I can almost guarantee you that, there will be a story about some E-Cigarette company targeting the youth with their flavors, all while the teenagers are spending the same amount of time at aisle ten of Wal-Mart trying to have some one of age, buy them the new flavor from Pinnacle because they really love the taste of Sweet-Tarts, and its the newest flavor of the month from these alcohol companies.

Once again it sounds the like Government (who is not making much from this industry, wanting a piece of the pie)

So please tell me which is worth the attention, the alcohol industry using the same flavors (to attract to the youth, or the E-Cigarette Industry)


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