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About Us

Premium crafted from the finest ingredients, Sir Vapes-A-Lot prides itself in crafting only the finest E-Juice/E-Liquid east of the Mississippi. An American dream turned reality, Sir Vapes-A-lot is a local  E-Juice manufacturer turned Vape Shop that has found it's nesting area in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana.


Sir Vapes-A-Lot got its start in Greenwood, Indiana back in 2013.  Two gentlemen who indulged themselves in the vaping community, transitioning from cigarettes, who wanted more than just traditional flavors. They vowed to create the best tasting premium flavors around. With their juice and their vaping knowledge, they knew they could help Hoosiers kick the nasty smoking habit.

Soon after, the first Sir Vapes-A-Lot was born. An E-Liquid manufacturer who prided themselves on creating only the best E-Juice, with only the finest ingredients. With three convenient locations spread out across Indianapolis,  you will be sure to find a shop that you will call home.

Welcome to Sir Vapes-A-Lot. Indiana Born & Raised.

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